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White Trash Hell / Anthony Gedell

Been through the breakups and the shakes

Anchored my young heart

Cold waves crashing on defaced shorelines

All the clamshells have been pillaged

Pearls tied up in chains

Dunes of gutless, mindful, beached whales

Nothing but meat

This apocalyptic love

Felt different seasons

Murdered intimacy running out of time looking for something to do

Boredom ceased our purple hearts

It all ends the same

What you said in the beginning was sacred

To shame

From the cradle to the grave

Mouths turning grenades

Nuclear matrimony buried in these touch-and-go mausoleums

I regret to inform you

This is trench warfare

There are bodies everywhere

We laughed when I told you I had no sense of smell

Your rot brought effluvium back to me

Something like blood on the wind

We become ringed saints

It went from cold rain to hurricane real quick

God damned every man

The woman who is a snare

Very last Christmas had sensations of a funeral

We are going to be the ones to see the inconclusive conclusion

A romantic Roman noir out on those bluffs we danced our way over

Foretold it was a bad seed

In you

Swallowing salt water

Unimaginable thirst

Let me tell you something

Barely making ends meet

Left distances between you and me

And three women


On the verge of the banks of your body

Runs rivers down my spine

Coarse felo de se blondes ever since

A dime a dozen left me penniless

Yeah it sounds hubris

But how could it

After what we did to each other

Bound to this wreckage

Chewed my own wrists to get me out of this trap

White trash hell

Just out here shooting the poisoned horses

Intertwined intimately

Inhumanely grueling swapping of spit

With nothing ever said

When things are replayed and worn out

Sacrilegious waste

Been garbage picking for something like grace.


ANTHONY GEDELL writes from New Jersey, publishing a story and poetry in Hobart, poetry in Punk Noir Magazine, and has two novels forthcoming with Michael Dolan at Winding Road Stories.

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Rusty Barnes
Rusty Barnes
Feb 12

Hell of a piece! Thanks!

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