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Encounter with a Church Going Woman / JD Clapp

Blow a fucking bubble

With my chewed gum soul

Tell me again why

My ears ring an

Ancient wash tub

Beat in West Coast

Rap syncopation

Take another bite

Of my worm-tunnel apple

Tell me again how

It felt on my

First drunk when Satan

Made me cum

Carve a another pound

With your fresh stropped razor wit

Gobble it whole like

The glutton you say I am

Tell me I need salt…

Shank another hole

In my sun weathered skin

Tell about these evil tattoos

Let me vacuum up my crumbs

Feed them to the coyotes

Howling in my soul,

Under my new moon mood,

In the twilight haze of

Your precious pious words.

*Big shout out to Angela James for helping me polish this one!


JD CLAPP is based in San Diego, CA. His recent work has appeared in Cowboy Jamboree, Punk Noir, Revolution John, and Bristol Noir. His poetry chapbook, Underbelly:Grit Poems (Alien Buddha Press) will be released next month.

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