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Roundup - 1.2.24 / Sheldon Lee Compton

The story in Bending Genres "Nobody Told Me Flowers Scream" by our own Catherine Roberts. Has the line "I want to be loved like sunshine." Good lord it about stopped my heart.

Probably 1,000,000 of you already know about this, but if even one of you don't, I want to share it. I'd heard this mythy sort of thing before: there's a scene in The Wizard of Oz that shows the silhouette of someone who hanged himself behind the backdrop of the, like, forest or whatever. It's all in this video. I'd only looked up stillshots of it and couldn't see what the fuss was about. This video sort of made me think. Have a look. Drop some comments about what you figure is going on.

Taking a moment to mention that I'm continuing my interview series Chaos Questions with Revolution John now. I'm looking for my next interviewee so if you see me in your inbox, it could be I want to ask you strange questions and share the answers.

Maybe watch this documentary recommended by Michael Wayne Hampton. It's Picasso Meets Matisse. I watched the first couple minutes and saw video footage of Picasso painting and also of Matisse painting. It was very cool. It's in a foreign language (French it sounds like?) but the key thing is to see the masters painting.

These short fictions from Michelle Llanes Brownlee in Craft Literary. Somehow I had not read her work yet. These three pieces made me an instant fan. I'll read anything she writes.


SHELDON LEE COMPTON is an author @CowboyJamboree and edits the unexpected blogging collective @PovertyHouse. He has ten published books of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction and can still often be found at his oldest online home of 14 years and counting, Bent Country.

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