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One Peso Short / Mark Rogers

photo by Mark Rogers

I was in a Mexican supermarket and an old Mexican guy came walking toward me. He wore a black T-shirt with big block letters proclaiming: “Welcome to my World.”

Across his back was the message:

“Now get the fuck out!”


The checkout line at the supermercado. Most of us in line are run-of-the-mill shoppers dressed down in comfortable clothes. Into this mix walks a Bird of Paradise—a Mexican combat soldier. With his boots on, he towers over the rest of us. He wears desert camouflage and a helmet. His COVID mask is camouflage print and he has on a pair of sunglasses that reflect red, blue, and green, like the Mexican flag. He wears body armor and has a web belt hung with gear, including communications equipment.

In his right hand is an assault rifle.

In his left hand a bag of Flamin’ Cheetos.


Words I Never Thought I’d Say:

“Today I bought a secondhand toilet in Tijuana.”

- from the memoir in progress, Fort Rosarito


MARK ROGERS is a writer and artist whose literary heroes include Charles Bukowski, Willy Vlautin, and Charles Portis. Rogers lives in Baja California, Mexico with his Sinaloa-born wife, Sofia. His award-winning travel journalism has brought him to 56 countries. His crime novels have been published in the U.S. and UK. Uppercut, his memoir of moving to Mexico, is published by Cowboy Jamboree Press. NeoText publishes his Tijuana Novels series and Gray Hunter series. You can reach him at

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