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Ghost Light / Anthony Gedell

What profound ugliness we put unto one another

Like a tumor

Our hands around each other’s throats 

Gone to strangled sleep

And I wondered 

What would grow at rest in such a pain

Imagine my words and their malignant work 

Desperate for rest  

You wear it on your skin 

What I’ve made you 

Oh darlin 

Forgive this knot


Fear of being alone

Gave a front row ticket to watch you suffer in all that cold

Unrealized what’s been done 

Bleeding us out ever so slow

Head in my hands an atlas stone  

There’s still maps left in me  

That gold harbored within your soul 

Slipped through my fingers

Inside that chokehold

It’s quite funny 

When the first woman of our lives couldn’t love me

My mother 

It sets precedent 

That love just might be similar to violence

Uncontrolled reactions like her 

Showed a grace to take to my grave 

It only multiplied all that hate and all that pain 

Sad to say that we’ve made our final evolution

Great calamity afoot  

I can’t look you or myself in the face  

Might as well gouge these eyes out

See what’s left but a mirage life 

This world is going under 

I might just meet you there

Inside those depths

Of that rubied jewel hung within our chests 

And gnashing dark

The walls are closing in 

We could have held each other so tight 

But our hopes ran thin

Almost beautiful neurotic eruptions  

The grip of it was always loosening

Watch as we devolve 

Inside this final ring

That I never put on you

But drove us through 

Where the devil waits to show us theater romance and what it truly was

Stages of our lives covered in ashes 

That red hand with too long nails at last shorting out that final holy light

The war is over 

It is done

My long lost love 

All will be well 

My ancient friend all alone 

It will be alright.


**here's a cover and back copy of an ARC for LOVE LIES IN THE THROES OF RHETORIC out soon.



ANTHONY GEDELL writes from New Jersey publishing in Hobart, Poverty House, Variant, Revolution John, Punk Noir Magazine, and Bull (TBA). His debut novel, LOVE LIES IN THE THROES OF RHETORIC, is slated for release soon with Michael Dolan at Winding Road Stories.

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