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Roundup - 12.26 / Sheldon Lee Compton

1. This fine, fine story at BULL ,"All Skin and Bones," by Larry Smith.

2. The Breece D'J Pancake Project. There's so much this project is planning including presenting to the Milton city government a petition to name April 8th as Breece D'J Pancake Day there in Milton, Breece's hometown and final resting place.

3. Check out this t-shirt from Alien Buddha Press's merchandise page.

4. Kathy Fish has been a writer friend of mine for about fifteen years now and this piece by her, "once mighty," in an attractive journal called -ette that I only discovered when I found Kathy's story is the best thing she's written. I read it and reread it four times and was blown away with each reading. I went, just now while writing this, and read it again.

5. Here's Leah Hampton's story "Meat" at Electric Literature's Recommended Reading (a place I once would have slapped children to get in but no more). Yep, it's also included in her collection Fuckface and Other Stories. I wish Leah would write another collection. Maybe she has and I should just check.

6. If, like me, you don't reread books and don't collect books, I want to put this out there: Everand is most of the time pretty amazing. I found I'd say about 75 percent of the books on my wishlist here. There's a monthly fee, it's not much, go ahead and get it.

7. And finally these outstanding cat drawings posted by Jörg Shidmann (@agp_bach), the first of which you saw at the beginning of this post. Here are three more. Of course, you're welcome.


SHELDON LEE COMPTON is an author @CowboyJamboree and edits the unexpected blogging collective @PovertyHouse. He has ten published books of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction and can still often be found at his oldest online home of 14 years and counting, Bent Country.


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