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Contemplation / Delphine Gauthier-Georgakopoulos

The rising sun warmed Jenny’s right cheek as if it hugged half of her face, the other side being left in the cold, undeserving of sunlight.

She raised her left arm and placed her palm against the trunk of an oak, surprised her little hand appeared as wrinkled as the tree. 

The black bird had woken her again. He—for she was certain he was a he—had sung by her window, so loud and clear and cheerful, calling her out to come and play. So, she had covered her shoulders with the robe Mummy said she should always wear to not catch her death, and placed her bare feet in the slippers Granny said she should always wear because death came through cold feet. Because Jenny didn’t want to die.

Then, she had tiptoed outside, careful not to let the door bang against its frame, holding it until it latched with barely a sound. It was too early to be noisy. Daddy was asleep. 

To her left, an orangey hue rose into the pale blue sky. To her right, the darkness dissipated, pushed aside by jolly little white clouds. The oak tree was full of life; she spied a caterpillar lingering on a baby leaf, and a squirrel’s tiny little face gazing down at her. A hare's ears poked above the tall grass behind the tree. Jenny grinned.

If she stayed really still, they would not get scared. When she stood really still, she became invisible.

She felt safe then.

A touch on her shoulder sent her heart racing so fast, it resonated in her ears and her legs turned as wobbly as Daddy’s when he was tired.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. What are you doing?” The young woman patted her arm with such tenderness, Jenny sighed at the touch.

“I’m enjoying the sunrise with my black bird friend. It’s so beautiful out here, and peaceful”

The young woman gazed at the tree and smiled. “It is a pretty mural. Now, come on, Gran, let’s go see the doctor.”


DELPHINE GAUTHIER-GEORGAKOPOULOS is a Breton writer, teacher, mother, nature and music lover, foodie, dreamer. She loves butter, needs coffee, hates easy opening packaging, and likes to create stories in her head. She lives in Athens, Greece. X/Facebook: @DelGeo14.

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