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Cemetery Mother / Andrew Buckner

artwork credit "Mother Earth" by Lelo Colclough

Cemetery mother, anguish doesn’t define the shears of sanity falling, clattering from your trembling palms! It doesn’t define your aching, dirt-stained knees, the ripped velvet of your sapphire blouse, the heaving, hefty chest sighs with which society brands you in born title, position!

Cemetery mother, life makes us all crawl and dig, often morbidly, just as you must do!

Cemetery mother, we weep, crouched over the cracking tombstones of ancient, newfound woes, just as you must do!

Cemetery mother, life is fleeting; a whisper to all. Thus, breath is sacred!

Some get one. Some get all, cemetery mother!


ANDREW BUCKNER is a multi award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter. A noted actor, author, poet, critic, and experimental musician, he runs and writes for the review site

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